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The ARIS spectrometer

for portable and industrial integration

Key Features:

  • Significantly improved sensitivity
  • Superior stray light performance
  • Miniature size
  • More affordable than ever

The Aris spectrometer is a laboratory-grade instrument that also meets the size, price and reliability requirements for portable and industrial applications.

Its high-throughput optical design delivers 2 to 4 times better sensitivity than other spectrometers in this price range without sacrificing stray light performance.

The Aris is available in five standard wavelength ranges that can be customized to the requirements of a specific application.

Its powerful microcontroller offers on-board auto exposure, averaging, buffering and sophisticated spectrum processing.

With its proven reliability in rough conditions and compact size, the Aris bridges the gap between laboratory and field spectrometers.

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The ARIS spectrometer | Avenir Photonics


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