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Precise measurements require application-specific optics for light collection. We offer customized sampling probes as well as the following standard accessories:

Cosine Corrector

The Cosine Corrector collects light over 180° with a nearcosine dependence on the incoming angle. It can be used for measurements of irradiance (radiant flux per area) and other measurements that require well-defined light collection characteristics. It can eliminate optical interfacing issues caused by the sampling geometry.


Cosine Corrector | Accessories Avenir Photonics

SMA Collimator

Collimating lenses can be used to focus light into a optical fiber and to collimate the divergent light coming out of an optical fiber. They allow users to control the field of view and therefore the spatial resolution and collection efficiency. Collimators are also used to measure radiance and luminance.


SMA Collimator | Accessories Avenir Photonics

Direct-attach Collimator

The Direct-attach Collimator includes its own entrance slit and can be mounted directly on the spectrometer by changing the SMA adapter. Its focus is factory-aligned for infinity.

Direct-attach Collimator | Avenir Photonics

User-replaceable entrance slits

The entrance slits of the Aris and Siena spectrometer can easily be exchanged by the user. Both sensitivity and resolution (peak width) are roughly proportional to the slit width. Available slit sizes are 20, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and 300 µm.

User-replaceable entrance slits | Avenir Photonics

Fiber-optical Patch Cables

Optical fibers are the easiest way to connect light sources, sampling optics and detectors in the lab. We offer a selection of optical fibers that are most commonly used in spectroscopy. In addition, custom-designed fibers for specific applications are available on request. All fiber cables include two SMA905 connectors with protective rubber caps and a PVC jacket.


Fiber-optical Patch Cable | Accessories Avenir Photonics

Light Sources

Need a laser as an excitation source? Check out our bundles of spectrometers with laser modules by RGB Lasersystems. Contact us for details.

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