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Integrated Spectroscopy

Introducing the new SIENA NIR spectrometer

  • wavelengths up to 900 – 2100 nm
  • low power uncooled InGaAs sensor
  • performance and reliability for portable and industrial applications

The SIENA raises the bar in compact near-infrared spectroscopy: As the first spectrometer with an uncooled InGaAs line sensor up to 2100 nm, it enables new possibilities for portable and industrial NIR sensors. At the same time, it breaks down the cost barriers that used to prevent the application of NIR spectroscopy in the field.

SIENA spectrometer

Together with the ARIS spectrometer, they represent a new generation of compact spectroscopy:

  • excellent sensitivity and resolution
  • superior stray light performance
  • sophisticated on-board evaluation
  • rugged build quality for mobile and industrial integration
  • performance and flexibility at an unprecedented price